SoCalCCCC Virtual CyberPatriot Training Session

2/19 | 3/5
3/19 | 4/30
5/14 | 5/28
12PM - 6PM

This year's CyberPatriot training will be hosted online via Canvas and Zoom. Sessions are divided into 2-hour blocks.

Linux: 12PM - 2PM
Windows: 2PM - 4PM
Networking: 4PM - 6PM
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Introduction to CyberPatriot for New Mentors & Coaches

3PM - 5PM

This workshop is to introduce incoming mentors into the CyberPatriot program. Mentors will gain a greater understanding of their responsibilities in their role within the program, their teams, and as a facilitator to their respective schools. This workshop is coordinated towards new mentors who have not participated in the program before. Returning mentors are welcome to attend as well.